Yeah, we’ve been around the block a few times. The business started in 1998 with the idea of providing tools to help developers identify the right set of features and usability parameters to optimize their products’ effectiveness for target communities. That platform served companies like Concur and Business Objects while in alpha, but unfortunately the bottom kind of fell out of the web development space in 2000-01.

We were lucky to hook up with the late Paul Allen’s company, Vulcan Enterprises, who engaged us to design and build user interfaces for online entertainment systems. Between 2002 and 2019, we built systems for the customer communications, travel/hospitality/casino gaming, HR, and marketing “industries”. To do that web built the company up to about 100 people around the world in a wide variety of roles.

In 2015 we launched a major cybersecurity initiative, which led to our evaluating products in across the security spectrum. In 2020 we got to the point where leadership had to take a break, and we recast EC Wise as a boutique consulting firm, with the original principals available for fractional/interim/virtual CTO/CIO/CISO assignments and project engagements.

…and our clients said

I firmly believe that EC Wise is the only development shop that could have built as usable solution so quickly

John Toman, VP of Product Management, Pivot Payables

EC Wise is an innovative technology company. I am impressed with their ability to balance creativity, customer requirements, and technology quality, while still managing costs and execution

Allen Babbitt, Chief Financial Officer, Lead Analytics