EC:Secure – Physical

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Experts

The team at EC Wise is highly experienced in physical and operational security assessments with skills developed during special operations projects conducted at the highest levels of the US Government including the CIA, FBI, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense. These projects include nuclear material and weapons assessments, facility security assessments and large scale area security analysis using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

The experts at EC Wise will develop a Risk & Vulnerability Assessment to:

  • Determine the residual risks to buildings and/or facilities for all relevant threats determined by statistical analysis by researching demographics for all associated locations – even worldwide.
  • Work closely with company supervisory personnel to establish accurate loss impact or consequence lists for proper risk management.
  • Develop Facility Security Plans to enable personnel to properly respond to all relevant emergencies.
  • Determine the proper mitigation techniques such as processes, procedures or systems that can be used to reduce any realized risk.
  • Aid in the development of procedures for access control and all aspects of the conduct of security process management.
  • Assist in the implementation and documentation for testing processes to ensure that any recommended countermeasures are properly implemented and systems are functioning as needed.
  • Document and prioritize countermeasures to ensure that high risk events are addressed first.
  • Determine the necessary data collection for ongoing efforts should projects or vulnerabilities change.