EC:Secure Network

EC Wise combines its decades of experience with the latest solutions provided by our partners. In the same way that we can efficiently build security into applications and service platforms, we can help you secure your networks within your budgetary constraints. With the perception that solutions are complex and expensive, too many enterprises hold off on securing their networks until faced with overwhelming evidence of their having been breached. By scaling standards-based solutions according to need, by identifying cost-effective toolsets, and by entrusting implementation to our experienced and cost effective right-shored team, we can help keep those costs in check.

EC Wise can protect its clients’ networks with appliances that perform intrusion detection and prevention and execute real-time analytics and run AI based algorithms to identify malicious activity. This complementary one-two package provides the ultimate in perimeter and “inside man” exploits. To protect sensitive information, we often recommend multi-factor authentication and privileged access management solutions.

By integrating perimeter and interior security products, policies, practices and techniques with behavioral learning techniques and products, we can often detect insider threats, compromised users, and zero day attacks and block those attacks as well as those detected by traditional signature and rule strategies.

EC Wise has carefully integrated a variety of security and data privacy technologies  into solutions engineered to protect your enterprise’s key assets from compromise, whether from the outside or within, no matter your size.