We Go Deep and Wide In Cyber Security

Data security solutions for MySQL, Oracle DB, MongoDB, and other sensitive data technologies.

Automated intrusion detection and threat blocking, intelligent network behavioral analysis, threat modeling, and endpoint protection solutions.

EC:Develop - Secure Agile software development and code vulnerability testing solutions.

Real-time code vulnerability testing and security patching  solutions.

Supporting compliance needs for regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed dramatic increases in state-sponsored and commercial cyber-warfare, in the form of cyber-espionage, outright theft, denial of service attacks and ransomware; a number of attacks made the global news. Industry insiders know that 80% of these attacks go completely undetected, so the situation is far worse than even the media reports.

Defending against all such threats requires layers of defense, constantly monitored and capable of responding automatically. As with other risks, security needs to be managed based on ROI. Determining the effectiveness of your policies and efficacy of your defenses is essential.

In addition to the planning and policies that sustain a more resilient network, automated attack systems require automated defenses. Obviously, it would be cost-prohibitive to protect everything, so we work with clients to identify high value assets, and start by protecting them. We partner to develop a strategy that optimizes clients’ cyber-security investments, and implements right-sized solutions that take into account their infrastructure, services, user characteristics, and threat landscape

Regardless of the defenses, we assume attackers will bypass our clients’ endpoints. By integrating security into application and database platforms and implementing ongoing packet inspection, we can enhance the security of your network and your information assets even when attacks compromise endpoints or originate internally on your network. Crafting a strategy that combines EC Wise expertise and cyber-security solutions carefully selected to address your specific risks will make your enterprise more secure, better prepared, and most importantly, more resilient.