Struggling with business silos?

As businesses begin to realize the value of their data, they have also realized that a key to unlocking that value is breaking it out of the walls of single systems and into a single, structured view of their entire enterprise. At the same time, business processes frequently need to work with data from multiple sources and services provided by geographically and operationally disparate systems. EC:Integrate provides these capabilities.


Distilling business value from your siloed enterprise data 

EC Wise combines disparate workflow and data stores to provide complete awareness of your business so that you can take action to mitigate risks and attack opportunities. Our teams have mastered leading database and integration products and have applied open source integration technologies to provide a streamlined and customized approach to integrating data from multiple systems. Whether you need to enable a single view of an information domain that can be used for reporting and then, if desired, for complex analytics, or if you need integrated, disambiguated data sets to drive downstream business processes, EC:Integrate’s secure, agile approach can get the job done.

On Premises and Cloud Data Integration Architecture

Our experts deliver comprehensive integration projects for:

  • Aggregating and analyzing data from disparate, multi-location, high volume document factories and transforming and displaying it in an e-presentment portal
  • Designing and using enterprise-strength products that define data architecture and perform high volume extraction, transformation, and loading processes
  • Rapid, agile data on-boarding and translations that are ”developed once and used many times” leveraging reusable maps and processes for fast, scalable data validation / processing / analysis
  • High-volume, real-time transaction processing that enables greater efficiency for all parts of the insurance claims/transaction processing chain
  • Data Warehousing that manages change impact resulting from data model evolution, applying agile integration technology to thoroughly and quickly assess feasibility and develop project plans based on the outputs and deliverables of the engagement before starting development
  • Application, SaaS and Mobile integration that enables and manages information exchange for seamless communication and data transfer
  • Capturing point-of-sale data from disparate retail outlets, and managing its flow into merchandise management systems and the corporate data warehouse