R:AMP Relentless Automated Marketing Platform

Secure, Multi-Channel, Direct Marketing Automation powered by EC Wise

Direct Marketing gets more than double the ROI (Return on Investment) than traditional advertising methods. As such, today the majority of all advertising and marketing dollars are spent on Direct Marketing.

R:AMP is a unique Direct Marketing platform designed to:

  • Intelligently Utilize Customer Data
    R:AMP uses customer data in the easiest way possible – and collects new data along the way.
  • Simplify Multi-Channel Campaigns
    Create and deploy highly personalized marketing communications through all direct channels: Direct mail, email, text messaging, and social media.
  • Automate the Customer Life Cycle
    Automate campaigns so the right message is sent to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel.

Let R:AMP take your direct marketing to the next level.

The Customer Life Cycle is our strategic framework for designing direct marketing campaigns. All of your customers (and even those that are not yet your customers), can be plotted somewhere on this line. It makes no sense to engage with your most loyal customers the same way as someone who hasn’t been your customer for a while. R:AMP can individually and automatically engage with your customers through all phases of the Customer Life Cycle.

Once campaigns are built in R:AMP, they are automated. No more ongoing worries about filling a leads pipeline or retaining customers that haven’t made a purchase recently. We call it, “Set it and forget it.”

With R:AMP, you are ready to have your internal marketing team hit the ground running. If your marketing team is small, non-existent, or new to multi-channel marketing, the R:AMP Team will help you achieve success in creating and automating your marketing strategy and then successfully implementing it.