Join EC Wise at Black Hat and Defcon

Date : Jul 27, 2018

The EC Wise cyber team will be at Black Hat and Defcon in Las Vegas August 4 to 13, 2018. If you go to these shows, you will see and hear see a vast array of product claims and solutions! Disambiguating hype from reality takes expertise and significant testing against claimed scenarios. Our experience as a cyber-solutions provider for Militaries, Gaming and Hospitality, Fintech and others gives us the ability to filter and categorize the solution options.

EC Wise team members would be happy to navigate the vendor floor with you or on your behalf, or help you assess the existing threat landscape. Cyber solutions are not one size that fits all. If you can’t be there, but want to get insights into the areas where you could have risks, we can get relevant information. If you will be there, join us to walk the floor and gain our perspective in your discussions with potential solution providers.

Please email to schedule time with us and senior members of our cyber technology partner companies; depending on your need, we have already vetted many of the approaches and technologies that will be on display.