EC Wise will present workshops at COMTEL 2016 to be held at the Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega in Lima, Peru.

Date : Sep 02, 2016

San Francisco, CA. — September 2, 2016 —  EC Wise, Inc., a leader in Secure Platform Development and Cyber Security returns to COMTEL 2016 to present the latest in cybersecurity.

Jack Hakim, CEO of EC Wise, will present “Practical Learnings from Experience in the field: Black Hat, Def Con…” in the main auditorium on Wednesday, September 21. In that talk, Mr. Hakim will share 
what’s happening in the real world as a result of cyber vulnerabilities and exploits, and what can be done to solve these challenges.

EC Wise will also teach two workshops during the event. Thursday’s workshop will cover “Application Security”.
Applications remain the biggest target for exploitation with many new Adobe, WordPress and PHP vulnerabilities making websites more vulnerable. Java and .NET services often have exploitable vulnerabilities. Alerts, patching, and new IAST and RASP tools like those from Contrast Security can all help, but not all patching is safe. Practitioners in Software Development and Service delivery will learn best practices using the latest technology that will help improve their ability to create reliable web applications able to survive attack.

Thursday’s workshop, “Layered Cyber-Security for Reliable Service Delivery”, will cover aspects of service delivery beyond the application itself. Using military-grade cyber-security technology as well as techniques being taught at the world’s top conferences on the subject, participants will get a taste of what they can do to make sure that their infrastructure, from Virtual Machine to Mobile Device, more secure.