EC Wise conducts 2nd Cybersecurity Symposium, “Congreso de Ciberseguridad 2017”, in Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Date : Nov 06, 2017

San Rafael, CA – November 6th, 2017

On the 4th of October, EC Wise conducted our 2nd Cybersecurity Symposium, “Congreso de Ciberseguridad 2017”, in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

EC Wise believes that automation and machine learning are key to Cybersecurity in today’s increasingly hostile environment. EC Wise also believes that today’s CISO and Risk Management teams face a daunting task when trying to adopt technologies for protection. We do our best to continually research best in class products and incorporate them intelligently into a Cybersecurity framework that provides the best protection at the lowest cost with the lowest impact on our limited human resources. We call that framework EC:Secure. We strive to augment existing security infrastructure based in expected ROI.

EC Wise also believes that a well-educated CISO is one best equipped to make prudent decisions in protecting their networks and distributed assets. As such, we endeavor to presents our learnings in these focused invitation-only symposia.

This event presented 3 of the key technologies which are key components of EC:Secure, our Cybersecurity framework:

  • Darktrace: Enterprise Immune System- Focus CEO and CISO

Identifying bad behavior or insider attacks.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software platform delivered as an appliance that learns what “Normal” behavior is for your network and its assets then alerts security administrators to abnormal behavior. This “raw” intelligence is then coupled with insights from Cybersecurity Analysts which is the delivered weekly to users.
Darktrace also now offers Antigena which automatically protects the network in case of anomalous behavior.


  • Bromium: vSentry End-point Protection- Focus CEO and CISO

Best of lass for anti-phishing.

Most end-point protection “protects” you by blocking known malware. The problem is that for malware to be known, someone (possibly you) has to be compromised. Bromium’s vSentry protects you all the time without blocking you from opening infected documents (important if you need information contained in that document). vSentry does this by executing all untrusted documents and executables in a Virtual Machine which is destroyed when the document is closed or the executable exits.


  • FICO: Enterprise Security Score (ESS)- Focus Risk Mangement, CIO, CISO

Empirical evaluation of probability you or your vendors will be hacked.

How do you know your enterprise is safe even from the vendors with whom you need to connect? FICO, with a long history of providing Credit Scores based on Big Data and Machine Learning has aimed its formidable capabilities at Cybersecurity. The ESS provides detailed information about your own network, with recommendations for remediation, as well as summary information for each of your vendors. The starting point for each of these “Portraits” or “Profiles” is a security score from 300 – 850 which represents a 24x range of likelihood of being compromised.

Well attended by decision makers, CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, Risk Managers of commercial and government institutions, the event ran half a day with individual presentations by EC Wise and Darktrace one of EC Wise’s strategic partners in Cybersecurity.

EC Wise’s CISO, Peter DiPrete, introduced to the participants (high ranking officers from institutions such as the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), National Defense Secretariat, National Directorate of Intelligence, Army, as well as others from the commercial sector) the overall concept of EC:Secure before each product was presented in detail and some demonstrated live.

At the end of the event, many participants expressed interest in starting Proofs of Value.

EC Wise is a global provider of Large-Scale, Secure Compute Platforms and Cyber Security Solutions. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998, EC Wise has offices in Lima Perú, Chengdu China, and in the United States.

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