Core Offerings: Cybersecurity, Secure Software Development, Systems Integration, Data integration and Management Analytics

EC Wise Inc. is an international secure systems and solutions provider fulfilling Software, Cybersecurity, and Analytic requirements. We offer products and services that enable our clients to efficiently plan, design, and implement highly secure information platforms, products, networks and systems compliant with national and international standards.

Our services include software development, product integration, analytics, machine learning, and design/ implementation of layered security strategies. In addition to full life cycle projects we can integrate specific products or services, automate processes to increase efficiency and consistency, develop decision hubs to automate decision making, and deliver a variety of security solutions.


Our customers tell us, “The EC Wise team listens, they’re smart, very responsive, and are clearly focused on delivering the value we need”–and that’s a key difference from many of their other service providers. Many of our clients process complex data and deliver results to end users using any possible client device. They find great value in our Secure Agile Software Development Life Cycle (SASDLC) because it protects their trusted brands, and enables them to respond quickly to market opportunities and a changing cyber landscape.

EC Wise offers efficiency born from automation, measurement- and test-driven processes, and weekly review of releases with our customers. Since we measure and test before we believe, we invite those with needs to test us. We are glad to prove ourselves to potential new customers with a free proof of value or assessment.

Industry domain experience informs our solution and product delivery.