PROMIA, an established development firm and software provider since 1991, provides solutions that support highly secure, reliable, scalable and interoperable business applications. PROMIA’s open-standard solutions comply with the newest emerging security regulations and specifications, providing high levels of information security assurance.

PROMIA has targeted energy and power industries, military, government, and financial institutions, developing sophisticated new intrusion detection tools that employ Artificial Intelligence techniques on high speed, high volume network systems.

The Raven from Promia is a security product validated by the US Navy for use aboard ship for Information Assurance.  In addition to its having been designed in conjunction with the US Navy and independently validated by labs specified by them, it has some unique capabilities:

  • Rogue Host Detection
  • Information Exfiltration
  • The ability to implement “hierarchies of enclaves” reducing the level of effort required to secure your network while increasing the number of eyes on the network at any given time


These are the main architectural components in each Promia Raven appliance.  The units were designed for speed, reliability and scalability.  There is a significant focus on data reduction to provide accurate succinct and timely information to the warfighter.

The monitoring interfaces on the Promia Raven appliances allow for either single (passive span port) or dual (active in-line) RJ45 connections per network segment under protection. These are known as internal sensor ports, and one of them is focused on signature data (SNORT SENSOR) while the other is focused on anomaly data (AD SENSOR).    These sensor ports collect high volumes of IP traffic, providing the main source of data for the appliance.  Besides the monitoring interfaces, the product brings in log data or application level data through distributed sensor agent components.

Signature tables, blacklist tables proxylist tables and other knowledge updates are regularly provided to the Promia Raven appliances as configuration file updates.