EC Wise is an Oracle Platinum Partner and in 2014 became an Oracle ISV and OEM with the introduction of our DecisionHub platform for rapid development and deployment of data warehouses and data marts. Our team has built Oracle DB and system based products and platforms that process significant data volumes and support large numbers of interactive users.

Oracle database-based solutions provide a variety of significant business benefits, such as very high performance per dollar invested, far more consideration for systems management, high availability and scalability than other RDBMS solutions, ability to support mixed transaction processing and analytic workloads, and multi-tenancy.

We deliver solutions on Oracle based technology platforms including Sun servers running Solaris, Oracle Database and Enterprise Java, Oracle’s Oracle Database Appliance, and as well as on commodity hardware running Linux and cloud virtual platforms.

Our engineers have built software leveraging an extensive range of Oracle Database features including:

  • Oracle’s “star transformation” which leverages bitmap indexes on the fact table to efficiently join multiple dimension tables in a single processing step
  • Oracle Partitioning which allows a database to scale for very large datasets while maintaining consistent performance, without needing to increase hardware resources.
  • Oracle parallel execution enables the database engine to take advantage of the ample CPU and IO resources in the ODA, particularly when applied to partitioned tables and indexes.
  • Oracle Automated Workload Repository for realtime performance management.
  • Oracle External Tables using DataPump technology.
  • Oracle Scheduler for advanced job management capabilities.
  • Oracle Flashback enabling job reset and restart capabilities.
  • Oracle Workspace Manager to provide high concurrency content management systems.

Our database engineers have experience scaling databases vertically on multiprocessor Sun Sparc systems running Oracle Enterprise database, and horizontally on Linux clusters with multiple MySQL instances.Oracle Workspace Manager to provide high concurrency content management systems.
EC Wise programmers have implemented systems with java that integrate a variety of enterprise services through a common enterprise service bus, providing the ability to quickly assemble solutions that address diverse sets of requirements. We have experience with a variety of java messaging and business process management toolkits, as well as frameworks like Spring and JSF.