Contrast is a key enabler of our agile continuous integration process, thanks to its automatic instrumentation and immediate results with the lowest false positive to coverage rate in the industry.

Attack Protection

Deploy out-of-the-box CVE Shields to immediately protect vulnerable libraries and Protection Rules to block entire attack categories, like SQL injection in real-time with virtually no false positives.

Real-Time Vulnerability Detection and Expert Guidance

Contrast Enterprise monitors Java and .NET code execution, data flow, configurations and more, to quickly find dangerous vulnerabilities with virtually no false positives. Code-level pinpointing eliminates guesswork while context sensitive guidance enables quick remediation. Automatically discovers third-party libraries, alerts to the known (and unknown) risks they may bring with them, and provides critical versioning and usage informatio that helps remediate risks.

  • Contrast Enterprise is the only product that can defend an application portfolio throughout the entire software lifecycle.
  • Contrast protects applications from attacks, helps development teams eliminate vulnerabilities and provides visibility to unlock threat intelligence.

“The vision of Contrast’s distributed approach is to bring AST (Application Security Testing) closer to developers and testers, and to make AST transparent to them, with no need to buy, install and learn security testing tools, and without requiring application security experts.

Its self-testing model is highly scalable. Instrumenting every test server with an IAST agent enables testing of all applications throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).”

–Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing, August 6, 2015