For the last 18 years, EC Wise has selected, exhaustively evaluated, and used products and services to successfully serve our customers. EC Wise is ideally positioned to serve as a trusted partner to your security team. We help clients implement all of these key strategies and others:

  • Cyber risk analysis and mitigation
  • Continuous security profiling and security scoring of the enterprise and its partners
  • Advanced endpoint security to identify and block malware execution including phishing, and ransomware attacks
  • Military hardened IPS/IDS devices for industrial control, IoT, critical infrastructure and public safety systems
  • Business continuity capabilities to preserve enterprise uptime including DDoS or ransomware attacks
  • Always-on monitoring of networks and devices to identify potential zero-day and insider threats based on anomalous behavior
  • Network detection devices that incorporate deep packet inspection and rules based blocking to enforce policy and procedure
  • Hardening your databases, encryption, SQL Injection protection, fine grained control over privileged operations and audit capabilities capable of meeting your compliance requirements.