EC Wise’s depth of experience starts with our leaders


CEO of EC Wise, Jack is an experienced business leader and analyst with a strong background in software architecture and in designing products that effectively serve the needs of their target markets. Since launching EC Wise in 1998, Jack has built it into a leader in business integration and analytic services, and drove the creation and growth of EC Wise Chengdu. This is not the first time Jack created an offshore IT services company; earlier, he was CEO of ICS which did software development in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Before entering the nascent PC software industry almost thirty years ago, Jack worked as a physicist on the cyclotron research staff at Columbia University. He also completed a Masters in Computer Science at the Courant Institute focusing on databases and machine learning. He found his passion while working at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, where he created computer graphics software to transform complex experimental results into easy to understand visual presentations: creating software that makes it easy for people to understand, visualize and use complex information to make better decisions. His vision of a repeatable process that converts business goals into the right product for a well-defined market guides and focuses the efforts at EC Wise.

Prior to founding EC Wise, Jack held senior technical positions in several commercial software companies, including several years as Chief Architect at SBT Accounting Systems, where he was responsible for design and development of their client-server accounting system.

Jack is a former board member of Object World, a regular presenter at national industry conferences on designing effective fault tolerant systems and leveraging agile processes. He has authored many technical articles on data analysis that have appeared in DBMS Magazine, Web Techniques, and Intelligent Enterprise.


Tom is a software industry and IT services veteran, having been the lead technologist at both consulting and software development companies for over twenty years. As part of the EC Wise senior team, he has led the company’s design efforts on many projects, and provides architectural direction across the firm’s practices. In addition, Tom has served as project manager on many key projects.

Prior to EC Wise, Tom was CTO at a late 90’s venture backed e-commerce startup that is still in operation. From 1987 to 1995 he was VP of Engineering and Chief Architect for SBT Accounting Systems, which at the time was the leader in providing source code accounting software and accounting software built on commercial database products.

Tom has contributed extensively to such publications as DBMS, Intelligent Enterprise, and Web Techniques, and has presented on design, development and database topics at many technical conferences.


As Vice President of Information Technology and Security Peter leverages his decades-long experience at building secure data centers, platforms and infrastructure.

Peter began to gain experience in offshoring while at NEC in the 1980’s when his team was created in the Silicon Valley to develop a cutting edge Telecom Network Management System (NMS) based on Sun workstations. At Silicon Graphics (SGI), Peter had responsibility for Release Engineering for the company’s Irix operating system and 70 layered applications where he applied automated testing techniques to reduce cycle time and increase quality. Peter led the team responsible for the first 64-bit port of Solaris at HaL Computers (acquired and still operated by Fujitsu).

As VP of Engineering for mPower (now Morningstar), Peter’s team developed, deployed and operated a Java & Oracle based 401/k SaaS platform using Agile processes.

Just prior to Joining EC Wise, Peter acted as Program Manager for large-scale data warehouse market research platforms at Telephia (now Nielsen Media Research), Peter’s depth in large scale systems development is complimented by his capability to deploy and operate them securely.


As an Executive team member and Director of the Program Management Office (PMO), Kevin Butts ties domain specific business goals and vision to technical implementation with high quality.  He is a business focused leader with extensive experience in building scalable processes and teams that deliver quality implementations with maximum ROI.

Since joining ECWise in 2006, Kevin has run numerous projects in Hospitality and Gaming, Healthcare, Billing and Remittance, and Marketing and E-Commerce.  He has also developed and formalized practices for Agile SCRUM management, Requirements Solicitation and Management, and Quality Assurance.  These best practices have greatly improve the predictability and stability of product deliverables while slashing costs.

Prior to ECWise, Kevin worked with Wells Fargo’s E-Business division.