EC Wise’s depth of experience starts with our leaders


CEO of EC Wise, Jack Hakim is an experienced business leader and analyst with a strong background in machine learning, cyber, software architecture and in leading the development of products that effectively and securely serve the needs of their target markets. Since launching EC Wise in 1998, Mr. Hakim has built it into a leading developer of secure platforms and services, primarily in regulated industries. He has significant expertise in cyber risk, threat analysis, and developing multi-level security strategies aimed at minimizing such risks.

Mr. Hakim started his career as a research physicist at Columbia University. He also has a broad computer science, technology, and industry background which equips him to have a deep understanding of the risks of cyber-threats and the tradeoffs for mitigation and resilience. Forty years ago, before formally entering the nascent PC software industry, Jack started working, writing about and speaking about various cyber threats and mitigations. Jack worked for the Warfare Analysis branch of the DoD where his responsibilities included strategic and tactical threat analysis.

Mr. Hakim as served as CEO, CTO and Systems Architect for numerous organizations and clients, and has been deeply involved with engagements in such security sensitive areas including financial, transaction delivery, hospitality, loyalty systems, health care and casino gaming domains.

Over the past few years, Mr. Hakim has led many of EC Wise’s cybersecurity assessments and solutions. He has authored numerous technical articles on topics surrounding security and analytics that have appeared in a wide variety of journals (e.g. CIO Review, Indian Gaming, DBMS Magazine, Web Techniques, and Intelligent Enterprise).

During the last five years, he has also served as a security advisor to several organizations (e.g. the Peruvian military), has been the featured speaker at numerous cybersecurity symposia in the US and South America, and has taught cyber classes at Peru’s Arrny, Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and the military college the CAEN.


Tom is a software industry and IT services veteran, having been the lead technologist at both consulting and software development companies for over twenty years. As part of the EC Wise senior team, he has led the company’s design efforts on many projects, and provides architectural direction across the firm’s practices. In addition, Tom has served as project manager on many key projects.

Prior to EC Wise, Tom was CTO at a late 90’s venture backed e-commerce startup that is still in operation. From 1987 to 1995 he was VP of Engineering and Chief Architect for SBT Accounting Systems, which at the time was the leader in providing source code accounting software and accounting software built on commercial database products.

Tom has contributed extensively to such publications as DBMS, Intelligent Enterprise, and Web Techniques, and has presented on design, development and database topics at many technical conferences.