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EC Wise is an elite, fast-growing, focused group of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering superior user experiences in support of customer business objectives. We believe that the most interesting problems, and most true innovations, occur in the spaces between disciplines. Openness, collaboration, mutual respect, flexibility, and deep dedication to quality execution are characteristics we look for in candidates for employment.

EC Wise core team members each have over twenty years experience in designing and building technology. This senior experience enables clients to rapidly advance their missions.


EC Wise was founded in February, 1998. By building a team comprised of pioneers in business process management, EC Wise has helped clients specify, design, and quickly prototype new processes and products, create innovative ways to visualize information, determine and adopt effective technology strategies, build products and process systems, and ensure their usability. Our clients have included Fortune 500 companies, software companies, and startups.

With our earliest engagements, we started developing a high-speed, user-centered software design-and-build process in tandem with our service offerings and enterprise analysis skills. This process leverages a requirements and design management system we have developed to gather and share knowledge about users and business requirements, and then rapidly convert these requirements into effective digital products.