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References for Data Security talk

This is a list of references I have assembled for the talks on Data Security that I am presenting at XPlor17, Enterprise Data World, and Data Summit this spring: Intel Security – Grand Theft Data CyberCriminals and their APT and AVT Techniques InfoSec Institute: Anatomy of an APT Attack: Step by Step Approach Forrester: Transform Your Security Architecture And Operations For The Zero Trust Ecosystem Forrester: The Future Of Data Security And Privacy: Growth And Competitive Differentiation Forrester Wave: Data Loss Prevention Suites Q4, 2016 Data Guardian’s Definitive Guide to Data Loss Prevention Guide to Cyber Threat Hunting (Digital Guardian) Read More

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What’s New with the Oracle Database Appliance

Earlier this summer, Oracle announced single node versions of the X6 generation Oracle Database Appliance (ODA). At OpenWorld 2016, the ODA team was showing a new two node X6-HA which Principal Product Manager Paul Tsien told me would be shipping by start of 2017, and will support RAC as the name implies, as well as virtualization. I went to a presentation by Erik Brenner of Mythics (which you could think of as an EC Wise competitor with a very large Oracle practice), who reported that the X6-HA would have fewer cores but more memory and storage, and could do up Read More

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Workflow, Forms Processing and the Passage of Time (Part 2)

In part one of this two part series, I talked about some of our experiences with workflow systems and portals, and how we have built systems where domain specific workflows were provided in the context of a portal, like LifeRay. Specifically, we build a SaaS marketing system on LifeRay, and got to the point where marketers needed to create response forms and landing pages. For the response forms, we used Orbeon, which turns out to be a very popular web form solution, and brings us back to where we started, forms and workflow. Over the past couple years, I had Read More

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