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References for Data Security talk

This is a list of references I have assembled for the talks on Data Security that I am presenting at XPlor17, Enterprise Data World, and Data Summit this spring: Intel Security – Grand Theft Data CyberCriminals and their APT and AVT Techniques InfoSec Institute: Anatomy of an APT Attack: Step by Step Approach Forrester: Transform Your Security Architecture And Operations For The Zero Trust Ecosystem Forrester: The Future Of Data Security And Privacy: Growth And Competitive Differentiation Forrester Wave: Data Loss Prevention Suites Q4, 2016 Data Guardian’s Definitive Guide to Data Loss Prevention Guide to Cyber Threat Hunting (Digital Guardian) Read More

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The Rise of the Threat Hunter

Where I left off in my first entry about the RSA Expo was suggesting that “Threat Hunting” seemed to be arising as a new approach to protecting the enterprise from cyber-threats. Threat Hunting is predicated on the fact that the perimeter is crumbling and attackers are getting more sophisticated, so you can expect Advanced persistent Threats (APTs) to be in progress on your network, and you should find them before the steal something important. “EndGame” sponsored this nice little “Hunter’s Handbook”; I picked up a hard copy at the show. It talks about the process of hunting, and what technologies Read More

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RSA Expo Reflections

I spent two days in the Expo at this year’s RSA Conference, and came out of it dizzy and exhausted. I learned a few things. One is that this is an area that has been getting a lot of funding over the past couple years. The sucking sound you heard in San Francisco this week is the sound of data scientists and machine learning experts being sucked into the cyber-security vortex; I suspect that cyber-security is the reason salaries in those fields are continuing to increase. Everybody is pitching their “AI” or machine learning based solution keep you from getting Read More

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