EC Wise Inc. is an international secure platform and systems developer providing IT Security, Services, and Analytics. EC Wise is headquartered in the US with offices in China and Peru.  We offer services that enable you to efficiently plan, design, and implement highly secure information platforms, products, networks and systems compliant with national and international standards.

Founded in 1998 by Jack Hakim, EC Wise has grown to a mature global technology and security firm focused on developing and operating affordable secure systems for highly regulated markets (e.g., Government, Health Care, Finance, Military). 

EC Wise services include software development, product integration, analytics, machine learning, and design/ implementation of layered security strategies. In addition to full life cycle projects we can integrate specific products or services, automate processes to increase efficiency and consistency, develop decision hubs to automate decision making, and deliver a variety of security solutions.

Industry domain experience informs our solution and product delivery.

Our clients tend to be in regulated industries; they are processing complex data and delivering results to end users using any possible client device. They find great value in our Secure Agile Software Development Life Cycle (SASDLC) because it protects their trusted brands, enables them to respond quickly to market opportunities as well as competitive and cyber threats, ensures business continuity, and reduces the cost of regulatory compliance.

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"EC Wise was instrumental in freeing up our key intellectual asset – our data – to more flexibly serve our clients. Their business approach combined with deep experience in data technology, as well as their ability to provide local expertise while leveraging offshore talent, is a winning combination for us."
Robert Honeycutt
Chief Executive Officer
Market Metrix
"Regulus partnered with EC Wise to create a hosted system for finance, healthcare, insurance, telecom and utility industries… EC Wise has worked with us to engineer a solution that allows our customers to create and deploy targeted marketing messages as part of transactional documents at minimal cost to our customers. The best endorsement for EC Wise's services is that Regulus customers find enough value in the system to expand their use of it."
Joan Egloff-Olson
Director, Application Development
"EC Wise has great expertise when it comes to using the Pervasive Data Integration Tools. The EC Wise team has built very high volume and complex data intregations associated with our products."
David Inbar
Worldwide VP of Marketing
Pervasive Software, Inc.
"EC Wise went beyond our expectations for what a UX team could provide. Their staff has actually designed and shipped enterprise products, which makes their approach to the entire lifecycle realistic despite being rigorous and ambitious."
John Armitage
Director, User Experience
Business Objects/SAP
"We appreciate both EC Wise's expertise and their engagement model. They have been able to help us resolve blocking technical issues, and have done so in a way that involved our own offshore development team productively in the solution process."
Anthony Hill
Senior Vice President,
Chief Technology Officer
TopSchool, Inc.
"By quickly prototyping a wide range of functional product concepts, EC Wise was able to uncover and resolve business model issues very early in the planning process."
Jim Diggs
"I firmly believe that EC Wise is the only development shop that could have built as usable a solution so quickly."
John Toman
VP, Product Management
"We would never have gotten to where we did without EC Wise."
Ronaldo Ama
Sr. Director, Engineering
Business Objects
“EC Wise brought my new web site to life.  I worked with with CEO Jack Hakim and senior UI designer Phil Hodges.  In no time at all, a site of some complexity was developed, stamped with their efficiency and creativity.  I have no complaints, only pleasant surprises.”
Mark Rubinstein